Welcome to the creative and magical world of So Cal-based multi-instrumentalist James McClam, a.k.a."Just Jaymes." It's a fascinating world of rhythmic, sensual, chill sounds that draw you way into his music. He doesn't identify the female voice on two of the tracks, but, believe me, she's awesome, and sings in a style that reminds me somewhat of Angelique Kidjo. As you wend your way sonically through this disc, you'll move from the sophisticated urban-pop lead-off vocal, "Break My Heart", (which we hope to be a huge hit - it just has that sound and feel, with a strong performance and a strong hook) through trip-hop, funk, chill, and even solo acoustic guitar. What a cool album! It's quite an enjoyable ride, full of strong melodies and compelling arrangements. I really find myself captivated, and not just for the music, but for the overall creative vibe it has within it. You really have to listen to this one to get the full impact, because words don't begin to capture its essence. If you're into Smooth Jazz, and are finding yourself more and more fascinated by the chill elements that Smooth Jazz is starting to embrace, then you will love this project. Just Jaymes has created a musical gem here with many facets, but they all come together beautifully, drawn by ONE EMOTION. It's an emotion you'll definitely want to experience! ~Scott O'Brien” - Scott O' Brien

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b2 about Hold it back: easy trip pop with a toasted flava, smooth as the sun, the kiss of sound. you can't help loving it. a must have! ” - b2


the point is the message is real The structure form is great there's no need to imitate keep it real cause you got the feel.... 4 "Whatever U Want 2 do” - J-Thug


Jeza about Just Jaymes - Just Kicken It: Slow, slick, saxy jazz instrumental groove. More lounge than contemporary. ...” - Jeza

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Just Jaymes is a skilled producer and rhythm bed constructor, and his vocalist has fabulous pitch...” - Joseph McCombs

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Talent - but wrong genre by: jeza rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 Tuesday, Sep 18th, 2001 I have heard James McClam before at the Besonic Rainbow Forum. This man is very talented but I think more people would hear this music if it were placed in the Soul genre. 'Easy listening' though it is, gives more of a Matt Monro impression. This is well produced soulful music with standout vocals. Let's hear more James” - Jeza

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